No announcement available or all announcement expired. How to Join tarGET GROUPS Coaching ? | tarGET GROUPS – Online and Postal Coaching for Group 1 Services Exam conducted by APPSC. Quality Material in English Medium for Group 1 Prelims and Group 1 Mains. Material for General Essay, Indian History, Indian Economy, Indian Polity, Science and Technology, A P History, A P Economy, Andhra Pradesh History, Andhra Pradesh Economy, General Studies etc.
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How to Join tarGET GROUPS Coaching ?

There are 3 types of people who view this website –

  1. Visitors
  2. Users
  3. Members

A Visitor is someone who has reached the tarGET GROUPS website through search engine like Google. A visitor will have extremely limited access to the tarGET GROUPS website and will only be able to view the home page, this page and a few other pages which contain general information about Group 1 and tarGET GROUPS.

When a Visitor registers for the website using his credentials like email ID, he becomes a User.

A User is someone who has Registered with tarGET GROUPS. Registration is an automated process in which the visitor has to enter his email ID, choose a username and password. A confirmation link will be sent to the email ID of the visitor to confirm his identity. Once that person clicks on the confirmation link in his/her email, he/she become s User of tarGET GROUPS. Users will have better access to the website than Visitors but this is limited only to “Sample Notes” of the tarGET GROUPS’ Material. This is only to give the User a glimpse of our material.

When a User enrolls for any one of our Courses and pays the fees, he becomes a Member.

A Member is someone who has registered with tarGET GROUPS and also enrolls for one of the Courses offered. Enrollment is a two-step process in which, first, the user has to select a course and fill the Enrollment Form. Then we will send a mail with our SBI Bank Details. You have the option to either transfer the funds online or pay at your nearest SBI branch. Once the fees is paid, he will be given full access to the website. He then becomes a Member of tarGET GROUPS.

Visitor —> Registration —> User —> Enrollment —> Member

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