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Warning: Netscape users must define their language as the default encoding or else each character in messages will be replace by a '?'.
This can be done as follows: View/CharacterSet/your language Auto-Detect, then View/CharacterSet/SetDefault.

Choosing a language
Logging into the Chat
Modifying/deleting your profile
Creating a room
Sending a Message
Understanding the users list
Leaving the chat room
Knowing who is chatting without being logged in

Customizing the Chat View

Features and Commands:
    Help command
    Graphical smilies
    Text Formatting
    Invite an user to join your current chat room
    Changing from one chat room to another
    Private Messages
    Ignoring other Users
    Getting Public Information about other Users
    Save messages

Special commands for moderators and/or the administrator:
    Send an announcement
    Kicking an user
    Promote an user to moderator

Choosing a language:

You may choose a language among those in which phpMyChat have been translated by clicking on one of the flags at the start page. In the example bellow, an user selects the French language:

Flags for language selection

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If you have already registered, simply log in by entering your username and password. Then select which chat room you would like to enter and press the Chat button.

Else you can register first or simply enter a room but your nick won't be reserved (an other user may use the same nick once you have logged out).

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To Register:

If you have not yet registeredand would like to, please choose the registration option. A small pop-up window will appear.

Of course, registered users would be able to modify/delete their own profile by clicking on the appropriate links.

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To create a room:

Registered users can create rooms. Private ones can only be accessed by users who know their name and will never been displayed except for users that are in.

Room's name cannot contain comma or backslash (\).

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Sending messages:

To post a message to the chat room, type your text into the text box in the lower left corner and then press the Enter/Return key to send it. Messages from all users scroll in the chat box.

You may change the color of the text of your messages by choosing a new color from the list of choices to the right of the text box.

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Understanding the users list (not for users popup window):

    Two basic rules have been defined for the users list:
  1. a little icon that shows gender is displayed before the nick of a registered user (clicking on it will launch the whois popup for this user), while unregistered users have nothing but blank spaces displayed before their nick;
  2. the nick of the administrator or of a moderator is italicized.

For example, from the snapshot bellow you can conclude that:
users list
  • Nicolas is the admin or one of the moderators of the phpMyChat room;

  • alien (whose gender is unknown), Jezek2 and Caridad are registered users with no extra "power" for the phpMyChat room;

  • lolo is a simple unregistered user.

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Leaving the chat room:

To exit the chat, simply click once on "Exit". Alternatively, you may also enter the one of the following commands into your text box:
/quit These commands may be completed with a message to be sent before you leave the chat room. For example : /quit CU soon!

will sent the message "CU soon!" in the main frame then log you out.

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Knowing who is chatting without being logged in:

You may click on the link that shows the number of connected users at the start page, or, if you are chatting, click on the image Users popup at the top-right of the screen to open a independent window that will display the list of connected users, and the rooms they are in, in near real time.
The title of this window contains the usernames, if they are less than three, the numbers of users and opened rooms else.

Clicking on the Beeps icon at the top of this popup will enable/disable beeping sounds at user entrance.

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Customizing the Chat View:

There are many different ways to customize the look of the Chat. To change settings, simply type the appropriate command into your text box and press the Enter/Return key.

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Features and Commands

Help command:

Once inside a chat room, you can lauch a help popup by clicking on the ? image that sits just before the message box. You can also type the "/help" or "/?" commands in the message box.

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